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LKP Series Forward-curved-blade Double-inlet Centrifugal Fans

LKP series centrifugal fans are special fans for air conditioning system developed by our company. The fluid model is optimized by CFD advanced technology. It has the characteristics of larger volume, higher pressure, lower noise, and higher efficiency. It is especially suitable for various air conditioning, purification, new fan set, fan coil unit, wind curtain and other products. Pavilions, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, theaters, mines, high-speed rail, urban rail transit, buses and other fields have been widely used.

LKP series centrifugal fans have the characteristics of compact structure, good reliability. They also have multiple different air outlet directions to convenient for installation.

The motor installation position of LKP series centrifugal fans with belt-drive can be made into a rear, side, upper or lower position to adapt to the space conditions of the installation site. We can also product fans for different voltage and frequency according to the needs of users. It’s convenient for users in different countries and regions and in different fields.

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