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Operation Instructions and Cautions

1. Working environment

The applicable working environment of the fans:

a.The altitude should be not more than 1000 meters above sea level.

b.The ambient temperature should be between -25℃ and +40℃.

c.The ambient relative humidity should be not more than 90%.

d.The gas for the fans to carry shouldn’t be acidic , alkaline or corrosive. And the dust concentration of the gas should be not more than 150mg/m³.

If you want to use the fans in different environment, or you want the fans to carry other gas, you must put it clearly while you order them. We can offer special custom services.

2. Power supply

The power supply must meet the following requirements, otherwise the fans will be damaged or destroyed.

a.Voltage: The supply voltage must be controlled at not more than or less than 5% of rated voltage range.

b.Frequency: The supply frequency must be controlled at not more than or less than 1% of rated frequency range. Only the variable frequency fans can be driven by VFD.

c.The fans are not recommended for electrical parallel use.

d.The double-speed or three-speed fans are forbidden for electrical parallel use. Each of them must have independent contactor to control.

e.It is forbidden to use one VFD driving two or more variable frequency fans directly.

3. Check before using

Please Check the following items carefully before using.

a.The wires of the fans should be intact.

b.All fasteners should not be loosened.

c.There is no apparent deformation of the volute, the impeller and the shaft.

d.Turn the impeller by hand, and the impeller should rotate smoothly.

e.If the motor has been wetting or entering water, you should dry the motor stator in order to recover its insulation resistance to not less than 50 MΩ.

4. Installation

a.A reliable ground connection should be connected to the grounding bolt of the fan.

b.We recommend installing lack-phase protections and overload protections for the fans.

5. Start-up and operation

a.The current must be controlled at not more than 5% of rated current during the commissioning.

b.The single-phase double-speed or three-speed fan has to start at the high-speed. You can turn it to a lower speed when the fan finishes the start-up process.

c.The rotating direction of the impeller should be consistent with the direction marking on the fan.

d.The running current of the fan should not exceed the rated current.

e.Never put your body or other things into a running fan.

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